Simplified Accounting

Money, and other Loots

We are using the Wealth System described in the forums, along with Treasure cards.

Weight and Encumberance

Weight is now reduced to Significant Items and everything else. So now you can carry your Strength die type in significant items before being encumbered. Items are now weighted as non-encumbering or given a weight value usually between 1 and 4. The weight value is how many of your carry slots the item takes up.
For Example: you have d8 Strength so you can carry 8 significant items. You are carrying a sword (1), breastplate(2), and a musketoon (2). You come across a golden idol (treasure card +3) weighing a heafty 4. If you pick up the item you will become encumbered as per the rules.

Ammunition and other Supplies.

These are now group/party based and follow the rules on p81 of the Deluxe Rulebook for Ammo.
Basically these operate on a four level system:

  • Very high
  • High
  • Low
  • Out
    Each battle your ammo drops one level> Each travel node/delay causes supplies to drop one level.

All this greatly simplifies resource management but still retains the threat/challenge of deciding what items to take, how to transport goods, bringing enough supplies, etc.

We will have a PARTY CARD which will track ammo, provisions, and supplies. There will be a base cost to replenish each level.
During travel, events will challenge the party card and these challenges can be mitagated through supply expenditure.

Other Equipment

It is assumed everyone is carrying what they need for day their job, a supply of ammunition, and some sundry items. In general most equipment is not tracked and only interesting and special items such as telescopes, or special clothing, are of concern.
You don’t need to track how many tin mugs and pieces of chalk you have.

Using Supplies instead of Equipment

If, for instance, you want to use oil to make greek fire grenades, you might consume a level of “supplies” and get enough greek fire for one scene of use.
You might need rope to make a bridge across a ravine, you would use a level of “repairs” from the ship.
It is also possible to simply check against supplies, where the player wanting the item checks versus the Smarts of the Quartermaster looking after the supplies. If the check is successful the item is in stock in sufficient quantity, otherwise the item is still available but reduces the supplies by one level.

Simplified Accounting

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