Fame gives you bonuses as you acrue it.

Fame is acquired by doing noteworthy things, both good and bad.
This is not a reputation score with a good<—>bad slider.

At certain levels of Fame you acquire perks such as followers, henchmen, titles, and treasure (gifts). You also gain a Charisma modifier which can be a bonus or a penality depending on the target. For example if you acquired a lot of fame from privateering against ships from Waterdeep, you would have a positive modifier with Amnian merchants and a negative modifier with Waterdeep traders. The Charisma modifier is applied in a purely case-by-case basis and is subjective to the opinion of the GM and group.

A ship can also have a Fame score. This can affect things such as crew recruitment, repair costs, and can result in free perks and edges for the ship.


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