Below is the system we will be using for handling wealth. It is designed to be in-line with the Fast, Furious, Fun philosphy and still evoke theme and setting. But you do need some background which is related afterward in “The Silver Standard”:

Carousing and Treasure!


The Silver Standard

With the gold mines of Maztica now vanished, and the great dragon hoards mostly looted and dispersed, only the native Faerunian mine are left to supply the economy. The general flow of gold is from the West to the Far East as it is traded for rare items such as spices, magics, and other luxuries. Gold has once again become a rarity.

In brief these are the values:
1 lb of silver = 8 Doubloons = 2 pieces of eight = 32 tarans

Here is how the silver standard is derived:

Everything is measured against 1 lb of silver.

1 lb of sivler = 16 ounces of silver = 16 pieces of eight
The “pieces of eight” is a large one ounce coin about the size of 50c piece.

1 piece of eight = 8 tarans
A taran is a silver piece about the size of a 10c piece and is the most simple form of currency used in Amn in 1500DR.

For easy handling of large sums in day-today trades the Doubloon has been invented. It is a gold coin worth 2 pieces of eight and is about the size of a 20c piece.

Ok, so that is how we get to:
1 lb of silver = 8 Doubloons = 16 pieces of eight = 128 tarans

For handling even larger purchases, usually gold prepared for Far-East trade, there is the Trade Bar which is a 2 ounce gold plaque about the size of a credit card. Trade bars are the usual way in which cargoes of gold are transported.


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