A cranky, mutilated, crab-man with a traumatic background that’s turned him into a nasty piece of work.




Boating d8
Climbing d4
Command d4
Fighting d8
Gambling d4
Guts d6
Intimidation d4
Persuasion d6
Shooting d4
Swimming d8


  • Pincers
  • Mean
  • Keen Mind
  • Shell
  • Telescopic Eyes
  • One arm

Pace 5
Toughness 9
Parry 6

Cutlass [STR + D6]
Warhammer [STR + D6, AP1 vs. rigid armour]
Belt pistol

Pot Helmet 3
Shell [Torso 3, Arms and Legs 1]

Cumulative XP: 14

Unspent XP: 4


Even in the exotic multi-race lands of Faerun, with all its wondrous diversity of sentient species, Salsa can still generate looks of amazement from passers-by. Salsa is part of the near-extinct Scurillian race, the product of unknown experiments and foul sorcery conducted by illithid surgeon-mages in their alien lairs in the depths of the Black Trench of Sith-Mudell.

Salsa was one of the few survivors of the Scurillian Rebellion, which saw his race turn on their illithid masters in a tide of snapping pincers and chitin. Although a child at the time, Salsa’s rage saw him amidst the din of the savage insurrection. It was here that Salsa saw his father explode underneath the mind-blast of a surgeon-mage. Surging forward through the waters to attack his father’s murderer, the illithid swatted Salsa to the ground before tearing his manipulator arm out of its socket in a cloud of blood. The illithid then swatted Salsa thick shell, cracking it open in several places and leaving visible, crevasse-like scars which exist to this day.

Salsa would have died there, but for a fresh wave of scurillian’s suddenly surrounding the illithid, wearing the monster down and eventually tearing it to shreds with their heavy pincers.

Traumatised by his heavy injuries and the death of his father, Salsa’s memories after this point are hazy. He remembers being loaded aboard a dart-boat alongside the few remaining survivors, the boat suffering damage as it exited the hangar bay of the exploding Sith-Mudell. He recalls witnessing the blasphemous citadel sliding even deeper into the Black Trench on a fog of detritus and destruction, watching as the massive tentacles of The Things Unspoken reached out to grasp and swallow the terrible structure into the depths.

The damage to the dart-ship was significant and it eventually faltered. Falling to the mercy of the underwater tides, the ship drifted for days before crashing into a reef off the east of the southernmost Nelanthur Isles. The wreck was violent, with more lives lost and scattered across the beach beyond the reef. It was here that the small band established the village of Shin-Susha, building dwellings in the waters around the reef and along the shoreline.

Shin-Susha eventually made contact with the outside world, establishing highly successful trading relationships with an array of merchant factions and local communities. Able to gather and farm a range of underwater delicacies, shells, products, and specimens, Shin-Susha’s unique wares are eagerly sought all along the western seaboard of Faerun and beyond.

Although Shin-Susha prospered, the remainder of Salsa’s adolescence brought little respite or joy. Accompanying a scurillian adventuring party to Chult in search of the fabled Pearl of Thalakor Zan, Salsa became victim to Harkonnen’s Disease, resulting in the permanent discoloration of his shell to a motley brown and incurable grotesque obesity. Worse, the party was set upon by a swarm of vicious dinosaurs, the sickly Salsa losing his right claw in the jaws of one beast before the reptiles were defeated.

Losing most of their number in the attack, the party fled Chult and returned to Shin-Susha. They soon discovered that in the months of their absence, the village had been attacked by the powerful pirate Black Jaw. Although the damage and the plunder taken was substantive, most of the village survived by fleeing into the depths of the ocean. Regardless, all scurillian’s have sworn a vendetta against The Pirates of Nelanther.

Disfigured and malformed, Salsa soon left Shin-Susha and fell in with some of the motley groups infesting the Sea of Swords. No stranger to violence and with hatred towards repressive authority, Salsa quickly joined the mutiny aboard the Sun of Hazur, drawing blood with cutlass, claw, and the nasty parasite-laden barnacles on his swollen chitin. However, it was not long before Salsa chafed under the new leadership of the boat and soon led a new mutiny on the same ship, snipping the hands off the short-lived captain before pushing him overboard.

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