The Pirates of Nelanther

Dozens of pirate havens exist within the Nelanther Isles, a collection of uncounted islands huddled together over a one hundred mile stretch of the Sword Coast. Protected by trecherous inlets, channels, reefs, sandbars, and whirlpools these bases send out specialised galleys to prey on shipping and enslave coastal villages.

To venture into the Nelanther Isles without an accurate rutter would be folly. No such navagational chart has ever been recovered from a pirate vessel.

The pirates are monstrous in nature and deed alike, their ranks filled with foul orcs and ogres.

The pirates of Nelanther utilise a special type of vessel called a Corsair: a long galley with two for-and-aft sails and two banks of oars. Perfect for sailing the trecherous reefs and negotiating the random wind conditions around the Isles. The pirates will often wait for a windless day and then approach their victims using their oars, or may lay in wait upwind of their prey and tack toward them, the square sailed galleons and mercers unable to out-manouver them.

Nelanther Pirates hunt for booty and slaves, but they are greedy at heart and it can be possible to ransom loved ones back from them if you have the means.

The Pirates of Nelanther

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