How Trade Works


In keeping with the “Fast, Furious, Fun” motto Trade is a fairly simple affair.
If you wish a more detailed system let me know: I have plenty of “drilling-down” I can do with this aspect of the game.

The Basics

Players use the Streetwise skill determine price. A success (and each raise) adjusts the price 10% in the player’s favour. A failure makes no adjustment to the price but halves the number of that goods you can buy/sell per time period. A critical fail results in other problems…

Trade goods
Each commodity is rated at a value per ton and number of tons.

Trade ports
Each port has a list of goods it wants (Imports) and goods it sells (Exports). A port will buy any good including those it Exports. A port will sell any good including those it Imports. You cannot however sell a good to the port you purchased it from.
Imports – Imported goods get a + 4 on your Streewise check for selling price.
Exports – Exported goods get a + 4 on your Streewise check for buying price.
Time to buy/sell is the $$$ value of a commodity that can be sold in a particular time period.
Tariffs – Many ports assign a special tax to all goods entering/leaving port. In keeping with the theme (Fast, Furious Fun), the tariff modifier is applied not as an additional accounting step but simply as a modifier to the streetwise roll made for trading. This assumes that standard tariffs are incorporated into the base value of the cargo and puts the focus back on the player’s roll.

Putting it all together

I wish to purchase a consignment of purple worm silk at the port city of Arrakis. Purple worm silk has a price of 5,000/ton. The port of Arrakis can handle a volume of 10,000 per day and exports the item. The tarrifs on Purple worm silk are harsh (-1).
I roll a success and get a 3 and a 4 on my dice + 4 to my roll from the importing flag and -1 from the tarriff meaning I can purchase the silk at 5,000/ton. I just missed out on a better price because of the tarrif modifier (perhaps next time I’ll try bribing the harbour master!) I want to buy 5 tons of it which will take 3 days (2 days if I had gotten that raise!)
I travel to the port of Athkatla which imports silk and has a volume of 50,000/day and only light tariffs (+ 1). I make my Streetwise roll and get an 8 and a 2, + 4 for the importing flag, and + 1 from the tariff, meaning I sell the silk for 6,500/ton. I can offload the entire 5 tons (32,500 worth) in one day at the great port.

Waukeen’s Promenade (Athkatla)

This is one of eight districts in Athkatla.
The Promenade is the most extensive and resourceful market in the world and claims to be able to provide any good made or traded in Faerun.

Economy +7

This is the roll modifier to your Streetwise when finding merchants, and buying or selling stuff.

Base Value $36,800

All items under this value have a 75% chance of available. If not available then you can make another check in one week.

Purchase Limit $350,000

A single merchant can purchase one type of good to this value. If you have commodoties in excess of this, or additional types of goods, you must seek additional merchants. You can make a Streewise check every seven days minus one day for each raise.

How Trade Works

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