Encounters and Travel

I am writing down these rules mainly as a reference tool for myself

In the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion, there is an optional rule for overland movement that states “Unless the area travelled is patrolled, draw a card from the Action Deck once per day. A face card or higher represents an encounter.”

Travelling by Ship

Each 8-hour travel segment yields a draw from the action deck.

A Joker is an indicator of some sort of a special event.

That leaves the three face cards and the Ace. The suit determines the sort of hazard “encountered”:
◾ Clubs = People/Creatures
◾ Diamonds = Weather
◾ Hearts = Provisions drop one level
◾ Spades = Natural Hazard

However, for travel through certain terrain types certain results are more likely than others.

Deserts: only ACE OF CLUBS generates people/creatures, all other clubs are provisions drop.

Swamp: only ACE OF HEARTS generates provisions drop, all other hearts are natural hazard.

Civilised: only ACE OF SPADES generates natural hazard, all other spades generate People.

I will endevour to have four encounters of each type pre-generated and ready to go per session.

Sample Enounters

Natural Hazards

Sargasso: make a handling roll (boating with handling mod) to avoid. You may add +2 to this roll if your crew has the Lookout Edge or if your ship has the Crow’s Nest edge .
If caught you must expend 1 travel period (8 hours) and make a sucessful Handling check. A raise allows you to travel at half base speed (make nav roll as per normal).

Quicksand (land-based): make an Agility check to avoid. You may add +2 to this roll if your guide has a suitable edge. If caught you must succeed in a dramatic task. You may expend supplies to generate an automatic success/raise for this task.

Fog Bank: winds have died down and a sinister mist has arisen. Check Persuassion to avoid a crew confidence drop. You may expend a unit of grog to automatically succeed at this check. Regardless you make no travel this period.

Encounters and Travel

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